Fisher-Price DC Super Friends Batman Lights & Sounds Trike Review

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Few things match up to the joy of a parent watching a child learn how to cycle. The first set of wheels is usually a tricycle for the extra balance and stability as your child learns to coordinate hand, eye and foot movements on a moving object. The Fischer-Price DC Super Friends Batman Lights & Sounds Trike is one of the best products in the tricycle range and it brings glee of delight from little ones as the sounds and lights go on and off.

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Fisher-Price Lights & Sounds Trike Features

The Fisher-Price has several models of this trike but the newest in the market is the Batman design that is a sure favorite with little boys. The batman color and graphics are just amazing and they add to the allure of this trike to the little ones. What is so cool is that the tiny tot can actually get to control the lights and sounds on this model from the 8 buttons on the face plate at the handle bar unit.

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The Fisher-Price DC Super Friends Batman Lights & Sounds Trike is a sure favorite with many of the children and parents love it because you can adjust the seat to three positions so your child sits comfortably and safely as they enjoy their ride. It is no wonder that your little one will soon be cruising as a real super hero in this wonderfully designed trike.

The sounds coming from this Fisher-Price DC Trike are batman simulated and encourage the young one to hit the road as if on an adventure. The safety features include an exaggerated front wheel that allows for faster peddling. The wheel base is also wider than usual for added safety. The handle bars are made such that they are non slip as are the pedals. This is for the sake of a comfortable grip and easy cycling. All you have to do to power this super trike is 3 AA batteries and you are good to go.

Fisher-Price DC Super Friends Review

Of the 241 reviews on for the Fisher-Price DC Super Friends Batman Lights & Sounds Trike, 158 rate it at 5-star which is the highest rating. It is to be expected though of this sturdy model with its added exciting features. The workmanship Fisher-Price puts into its products results in such popular brands. Some of the reviewers actually find this trike as a super babysitting tool as the little ones stay occupied with the button, lights and sounds. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

As is to be expected some issues always arise even with such popular brands. Actually these are non-issues since one parent thought that the trike was too small for their 4-year old. It all depends on their height and built. Another thought it strange that the front wheel spun on the spot every time their child started the cycling. With time they get used to it and apply the necessary pressure to move the trike easily.

The Fisher-Price DC Super Friends Batman Lights & Sounds Trike is definitely a must buy for every toddler’s delight. The price is a super bargain and the children love the design and added features. Click here to SAVE $6.51 for a limited time only!

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