Radio Flyer Classic Red 10 Inch Tricycle Review

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Teaching your child to ride a bicycle is one of the most exciting times in parenting. The first tricycle is truly special for both the parent and the child and it must have an allure that will keep the child interested in trying it out. This is exactly what the Radio Flyer Classic Red 10 inch tricycle promises with its real rubber tires and spoked wheels. The only precaution you have to take is to ensure that the small parts for the assembly of this trike are well out of reach of children less than 3 years to avoid a choking accident.

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Radio Flyer Classic Red Trike Features

  • Sturdy steel design for child ages 2-4 years
  • durable, low center of gravity and easy to ride
  • Won Dr. Toy’s Best Classic Toy Award
  • 3 position adjustable push handle with controlled turning radius

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One of the amazing features of this wonderful and colorful trike is the removable push handle that can be adjusted to 3 positions. This helps you to keep the trike stable as your child learns the ropes of cycling while aiding him in the steering. The Radio Flyer Classic Red is ideal for children between 2 and 4 years of age. One of the greatest safety features is the controlled turning radius which coupled with the low gravity center ensures that your tiny tot has a lesser chance of falling off on the side.

It is always assuring to know that the products you purchase are of genuine quality. This is just one more reason to trust the Radio Flyer Classic Red 10 Inch Tricycle. It has won the best awards from Mr. Toy and the makers, Radio Flyer, have been in the business of manufacturing innovative play since 1917 which gives them a wealth of experience. It is no wonder that they are a household name when it comes to quality, educative toys for your children.

The Radio Flyer Classic Red 10 Inch Tricycle has an unparalleled design and safety features. The handle bars and fender are chrome while the frame is a sturdy steel construction. The seat is adjustable and the trike actually grows with your child. The removable push handle helps you to control speed in the beginning and can be removed after your child is comfortable and competent enough to ride on their own.

Radio Flyer Classic Red Review

Of the 303 reviews of the Radio Flyer Classic Red Trike, an overwhelming 171 rate it at 5-star, the highest rating. This just indicates the popularity of the trike due to the unique design and quality performance and safety features. Reviewers are amazed at how much this trike is good value for money. The most important factor is that even the children love their trikes and enjoy riding them. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

Few reviewers of the Radio Flyer Classic Red 10 Inch Tricycle had issue with the smell of rubber from the tires. This was quickly resolved after a few days of keeping the trike out of the house until the smell dissipated. Rubber tires are preferred for their safety and durability.

It is obvious that the Radio Flyer Classic Red 10 Inch Tricycle is a popular choice for both the parents and children. It is good value for money and adorable accessories to further spruce up the ride are also fairly priced. In conclusion, after my research I would say that the Radio Flyer Classic tricycle is a good and safe product for your child to use.

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